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. Athens (Greece), 28/06/2015.- People wait in a queue to withdraw money from an ATM outside a branch of Greece's Alpha Bank in Athens, Greece, 28 June 2015. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called for a referendum on the Greek debt deal on 05 July, during a televized speech on Greek state TV. Eurozone finance ministers on 27 June rejected a request to extend the European part of Greece's bailout program beyond 30 June, casting serious doubts on the Mediterranean nation's permanence in the European common currency. (Grecia, Atenas) EFE/EPA/ALEXANDROS VLACHOS

Los de pantalones curtios blancos son asturianos. Que nun s’entere LNE

Manaes d’asturianos emigrando a Grecia porque dicen que los bancos dexen sacar 80€ al día.

“Ye qu’equi teo la cuenta a 0”, diz ún de los emigrantes.

Quiciabes te preste tamién...